One book, two book, new book, blue book…

First, an exciting contest announcement: Favorite Thing Ever is giving away a copy of Indigo Springs. Entering is easy: surf here, leave a comment, and you’ll be in the running to win. No skill testing questions are involved.

Speaking of skill-testing, I am embarking on a new novel this morning.

I had been thinking to write a couple more squid stories, to go with the three already published and the two that are about to hit the market. However, after a couple of weeks of thrashing around the Battle of Las Vegas, I’ve conclusively determined that my head’s not currently in the Proxy War. So, as an experiment, I switched over to detailed planning on THE RAIN GARDEN, my next mystery project. Things clicked immediately. Presto, plotto, kazam!–I have an outline.

My plan as of two weeks ago had been to blast through a very rough draft of this book in November, as a Nanowrimo thing. Barring fire, flood and the common cold, I find that two thousand words a day for thirty days (less a couple days off) is a pretty sustainable pace for me. But since I’m ready now I’m darnwell gonna start now, keeping the end-of-November finish date but moving at more of a 900-word daily target. That will leave time for days off, a visit to Alberta, and Orycon.

I like the sustained push-push-focus of Nanowrimo, but it does tend to leave me bug-eyed and gibbering well into December. And there’s no reason to hold off if I’m ready to write the book now.

So, hey! What are all of you working on this autumn?

Favorite thing notebook

Happy long weekend, everyone!

If it’s Monday, I must be blogging over at Favorite Thing Ever, and this week I’m talking about one of my favorite green companies, the makers of Ecojot notebooks. Do you write longhand, or love to journal? Would you prefer to feel like you’re not cutting down forests to do it? Wanna trickle-down some of your stationery budget to schoolkids in need? Surf on over there and have a look at the eco-journal treasure.

And for those of you who may be putting in a few hours today, despite the statutory holiday, here’s a worker bee:
Vancouver flowers

Life, the universe, and David Attenborough

Today I am posting on Favorite Thing Ever again, this time raving enthusiastically (if semi-coherently) about my true true love for a nine-part series of BBC life sciences documentaries that are absolutely filled with wonders, with a particular focus on The Life of Birds.

(And while you’re there, stop in and laugh hard at the video clips in kelly-yoyoKelly‘s post about Maid Marion and Her Merry Men!)