Favorite Mars Ever

I did Life. Before that, I did David Attenborough’s various Life of DVDs. I did Veronica Mars. And now, today’s post at Favorite Thing Ever is about my true true love for another Life title… cop show Life on Mars! This is the original UK version, mind, with John Simm and Philip Glenister.

If you prefer your TV Bloggage a little more Eighties or with a big wedge of cheese, my latest Quantum Leap rewatch, on Doctor Ruth, is up at TOR.COM.

Pull my Leaper strings…

Over on TOR.COM, I am close to wrapping up my favorite rewatches of Season Five of Quantum Leap, and have asked fans of the show for their picks. The popular candidates so far:

“Honeymoon Express”
“The Boogeyman”
“Deliver us from Evil”
“Last Dance before an Execution”
“Lee Harvey Oswald”
“Future Boy.”

There’s still time to weigh in… here is fine, but here is even better.

Meanwhile, back on Favorite Thing Ever, I tell you all of my love for Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans, while Kelly gives you two reasons to love opera.

In which Ana is to blame for everything, absolutely everything

There is something about the phrase Favorite Thing Ever that makes me want to write upbeat zany reviews with lots of Wow! and digressions and silly blather. I mean, we’re enthusing, right? This week I enthuse about Will Ferrell and Stranger than Fiction (scooping Matt, who really really wanted to review it too), and kelly-yoyoKelly shares her new shiny love for Alan Bennett and An Uncommon Reader.

Violent homophobia, TV style

This week my Favorite thing Ever is gay marriage, by way of a ramble through Fame, Glee and the laugh-riot topic of gaybashing. It’s a bit of a weird essay, perhaps; I had mixed feelings about season two of Glee even before they embarked on a certain Kurt storyline.

Glee has so many great things going for it, and the events of “Furt” are very Toobworthy. I don’t care for very special episodes and one thing that’s good about this storyline is it isn’t some self-contained boo boo kiss. McKinley High has been bully heaven since the show hit the airwaves, and Kurt was always the target of choice for its scariest thuggizens. I like that nobody pretends that teachers or school boards or parents can fix the part of human nature that makes mean kids prowl around seeking out weak kids and selectively terrorizing those least likely to get support or sympathy.

This is also why I admire the It Gets Better videos that are popping up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds with such regularity; the soul-destroying abuse of queer kids in schools is on people’s minds and that is great, totally amazing.

My friend Jay Lake, as many of you know, has a stunningly honest and revealing blog about his life and, lately, about his battle with cancer. I admire Jay’s openness, but I don’t aspire to it. Oh, I’ll happily post images of every square inch of Vancouver or anywhere else I happen to go. I’ll tell you about writing, and reading, and teaching and other bits and pieces. But I conceive of and then discard a stunning number of posts that deal with the nuts and bolts of my day to day life, because I suspect a lot of it of being kinda dull, and because I am a fairly private person.

That said, I don’t have much use for closets or coyness. I’ve been always been out online, made it known that I’m proudly queer and genderqueer, and I’ve even occasionally made reference in my blog to having been gay-bashed in my teens. I do this because there’s a difference between privacy and pretense. While I almost never go looking for big conversations or comment streams full of virtual hugs, I’m not gonna lie to avoid ’em.

So, anyway. The part of the Glee episode “Furt,” the bit that poked my gaybash button, was the vivid depiction of one kid causing another to live in abject abject terror. Wow. That was so my life for awhile! Complete with the thing where you forget for a second, and let start feeling something other than fear, and WHAM!

I haven’t ever seen the mirror held up, on a TV show, with such clarity. There was heebie and jeebie, folks.

Then it passed, and instead I got to thinking about the yay of my marriage to Kelly, and that’s what led to this Favorite Thing Ever post. And next week I will spin back to the Eighties and watch Sam and Al get their gay on for TOR.COM when I rewatch “Running for Honor”.

After that, who knows? Though there’s probably a 75% chance that a photograph of a bird will be involved.