Favorite (Joe) Dick Ever

What I have for you at Favorite Thing Ever today is not exactly stream of consciousness… more like a Canal of Canadian Content. Where I wind up, eventually, is Hugh Dillon’s awesome solo album, Works Well With Others, which is a sort of musical “What if?” What if Joe of Hard Core Logo had lived well into a wiser middle age? This isn’t exactly that album, maybe, but it can feed that fannish desire.

If what you’re itching for is more technological, Kelly has a love poem to her new Kindle up.

Go Vinyl or go to FtE

This being Monday, I am at Favorite Thing Ever, blogging about the wonders of The Vinyl Cafe. Or, if you’d like a behind-the-scenes look at Indigo Springs, check out “Magic Calls to Magic” in the Tor-Forge blog. Enjoy!

Favorite November viewing

This being Monday, I am over at Favorite Thing Ever, raving about the cop show Boomtown, which was cut off after a tragically short and thoroughly terrific run on NBC in 2002-2003. Or if you’re not inclined to humor me about the crime TV, check out Nate’s praise for Nanowrimo, which begins today!

Since it’s the beginning of a new month, I’m closing the door on the spider and cobweb pictures for awhile, and instead offer you shadows in the autumn fog:
October mist and moisture