Let’s get musical (musical!) on the #Buffyrewatch

slayerOnce More, With Feeling” is without a doubt a contender for the BtVS episode I’ve seen the most. The other things on the ballot would be “Hush,” “The Zeppo” and “Dopplegangland.”

When Kelly turned 38, we rented the Pacific Cinematheque theater in Vancouver and showed it, along with “Hush.” We issued an open invitation to all of Vancouver fandom; I’d say about 150 people turned up to sing along. Many of those were from the choir now known as Out in Harmony, so it was an especially tuneful singalong even though the theater’s acoustics were quite bad.

We have the soundtrack. We sing it on road trip. You probably do, too.

All of which is a rather long-winded way of saying that I’m maybe a season and a half from the end of this rewatch. Which is thoroughly amazing to me, and makes me want to ask whether anyone else has a long-term project on the go whose end is, perhaps, heaving into view.

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