Toronto Day 64 – The Skunk Made It!

Happy news: the construction workers from the other day watched my skunk friend successfully use our improvised bridge to climb out of the fountain. They also told me Animal Control had showed up a short time later, ready to ride to the rescue. I was very pleased to hear it, and was also rather delighted that the bricklaying dudes cared enough to keep an eye on the little guy and update me.

We had a full-on thunderstorm last night, for hours, and it was spectacular. I expected it to be more amazing than watching the heat lightning over the Sierra Nevadas, and it was. I hadn’t expected it to compete with prairie thunderstorms for sheer noise, drama and staying power. But, in fact, it was flashing and booming most dramatically for hours on end.

I couldn’t quite get ’round to looking up how to do a long lightning-catching exposure on my camera–though I will, at some point–but this was one of the many amazing cloud formations we glimpsed while watching it all unfold:

Summer storm clouds

Thunderstorms were one of the things I missed about Alberta, all those years ago when we left. It is extremely nice to have them back.

Our view of the sky is bounded by the courtyard of our building, which gives us a very Rear Window perspective on the nearest neighbors. Last night as we were staring out at the thunder we could see several folks out on their decks, doing the same thing. We can also see straight into the building’s party room, so we were able to watch people setting up for a birthday celebration. It was quite the operation, since they had to ferry stuff in and out of the building in the downpour.

There’s excellent sky and people-watching here, in other words.

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3 Responses to Toronto Day 64 – The Skunk Made It!

  1. Hurrah for the little skunk dude!

    Wait until you meet the Don Valley Raccoons — they’re enormous.

  2. I love raccoonkind!

  3. Me too. There’s a Sioux/Lakota personal (female) name that means “Clever Raccoon”, which I’ve always thought was sort of cool.