Telewitterings: the Dearth

The new TV season hasn’t offered much we’ve wanted to watch as it airs: we’re more or less keeping up with Elementary (We don’t have FX so we haven’t been watching American Horror Story, though we’ll catch that up at some point) and are slowly working through a backlog of 666 Park Avenue episodes on the DVR.

What we’ve mostly been watching, instead, has been S1 of Homeland, with Damien Lewis and Claire Danes. It has been entertaining, but grim. It was fun counting the overlaps with the previous Lewis series, Life–both his characters were imprisoned for long periods of time, for example, both experienced religious conversions while locked up, both had marriage meltdowns, etc. You can find a lot if you’re looking.

But we’re thinking we need something cheerier and maybe costume drama-y next, to wash out the grim. I know Downton Abbey will be on PBS soon, and I’m not quite yawning as I type this, but I have to say I’m not in total love with DA. It’ll be fine, don’t get me wrong, but only just.

So I’m cruising “Top Costume Drama” lists on the intertubes, with an eye to identifying some cool olde fashionede thinge we somehow haven’t seen yet. Failing that, we may rewatch Daniel Deronda.

To which end: what are your faves in this category?

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