Me things, things of me…

Uno: I sent DAUGHTER OF NO NATION (a.k.a. the second Stormwrack novel) off to my first readers and my agent on Monday, only three days late on the self-imposed deadline. I did it in the dark, by candle and gadgetlight–the power went off in our neighborhood and the cafe where I work was plunged into blackness.

This is me, last week, during the final push. Yes, I’ve grown an extra head.
Pushing through the draft, step three: feline copilot.

Due: For the next three weeks, my fiction time will be less structured; I’ll write whatever pleases me most. I had a major plot bunny stabbing at me the whole of last week. The interior monologue went like this:

Bunny: Me, me, me. Here I am with the answer to that unresolved setting question that’s kept you from writing me!
Me: I am finishing a frickin’ book, shut up.
Bunny: Me me me! Shiny! Sexy! New!

… so that’s what’s pleasing me now.

Tre: I am spending the holidays in Reno, with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. This is the first time Kelly and I have been to Nevada in the entire quarter-century that we’ve known each other. Barb’s coming, too, and I’m very excited.

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