Sherlock was one of the most exciting new discoveries of last year, TV-wise, for me. I was heartily sorry there were only three, but I consoled myself that at least they were doing a good job. And yes, I share the widespread fan conclusion that “The Blind Banker” was weaker than the other two. I enjoyed it all the same.

So I was very disappointed when the second and third episodes of series two turned out to be so much mush. Mush filled with little chopped cranberries and walnuts of goodness, admittedly, but mush nonetheless.

The things I love in Sherlock are all those bristly and wonderful Holmes/Watson scenes, where they have the giggles together, when they’re fighting, when John’s putting up with Eccentricities.

I love the captioned detection scenes. The sequence where Sherlock goes over the body of the pink lady and we get to see his chain of observations and conclusions? Amazing!

What I don’t like so much–and it’s been part of the whole thing from the beginning–are the mano a villain bluff scenes. The bits where the bad guy is all “Who are you, Sherlock Holmes? I can outbluff you, nah nah nah.” They don’t work, and the big one in “The Reichenbach Fall” particularly didn’t work.

Stick to the mysteries, writer guys, is what I say, and the Sherlock/John action. Let us form our own conclusions about the characters, okay?

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