It’s all about the image

Posted on March 24, 2012 by

Like many of you, I choose not to resist the siren song of certain consumer electronics. In fact, I’ve been saving my allowance since November in anticipation of the release of the newer, swankier iPad. (I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit this, actually, because it was such a frivolous outlay). I have yet to really luxuriate in the thing’s capabilities, however, because most of the photos I’ve taken lately just haven’t been sharp enough to show off the graphics. This duck is as good as it gets:

All Imported-7

I hit Queen Elizabeth Park on Friday when it was sunny, and even ponied up the $5 to go into the Conservatory and shoot exotic bird life. I’ll let you know if I got anything outstanding. Though something might turn up on my Instagram Feed first, ’cause that’s the way I’m rolling lately.

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