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Many of my students are very ambitious. Ten lectures, a pile of writing assignments and a workshop simply isn’t enough for them. And one thing that happens frequently in my UCLA Extension Writers’ Program courses is that someone will ask me about a topic, in one course, that I’ve written a lecture for, in another. So I archive a certain amount of material on this site to make it easier to get that material into their hands.


Teaching writing is like… the car metaphor essay.
And because one car metaphor deserves another, the spark plugs of fiction.
Qualities of prose: a list of things I look for when I’m judging the line-by-line writing in a manuscript.
Eye Bookisms: Being a technical article on the overuse of eye-related imagery and action.
Revision, from Macro to Micro. This is a tech writers’ technique that can work nicely on fiction.
Not all drafts are created equal: a few thoughts on qualitative grading.
The Science-Magic Continuum
Setting the Stage (setting in speculative fiction)
A Question of Character
Plot – What’s the Problem?
Revision and Marketing.
What Makes a Book Good?
Blackmail in fiction.

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