Tootin’ around

Posted on May 14, 2011 by

kelly-yoyoKelly and I have decided to do an overnight run to Victoria in the not too distant, so I can get some training for the mentoring gig–group facilitation skills basically.

I was supposed to do this in June but then a different commitment reared its rather alluring head, beckoning us to Osoyoos. Which makes two trips in June, because we are also going to the Locus Awards.

We are restricting ourselves to weekend jaunts because our travel focus (and vacation days, and travel savings) is all about big trip to Sicily at the end of the year. The three mini-jaunts will all be really fun, though. I’ve barely spent any time in Victoria since 2000 or so, I love love love the South Okanagan and the reason we’re going to the Locus Awards Ceremony again is that it was a really terrific experience last year.

The get out of towniness of it all will also provide a good break from the mighty routine. It has been especially nose-to-grindstone here lately; I got out with Barb on Mother’s Day, and am keeping up with Italian class, but have otherwise been pretty cloistered. Which is something I plan to work on, any minute now.

In the meantime, Okanagan Grapes!

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