One foot in the door, one foot down the street…

We are 32% moved! Or thereabouts. We are in the new apartment as much as is possible for two women whose bed, purchased courtesy Condobeds, did not arrive when promised. We are staying in an AirB&B down the road as a result–they’re saying they’ll pay, and the bed is due after the long weekend.

The place still pretty much looks like this.
The new apartment awaits the arrival of our stuff... sometime next week.

The kids are adjusting. Rumble got brave comparatively early, but Minnow has only just emerged from behind the dryer. Interestingly, she wedged herself on the kitchen counter between the stove and the fridge, which was where she hunkered down in the old apartment after we took away all the stuff. It’s architecturally familiar!

I gave Rum the equivalent of a bath just now and petted Minnow’s fur with wet hands as much as I could. Double duty–they get more hydration licking the water off, and they get clean.

When we first arrived and I looked at WiFi networks in the building–to access ours using its temporary name and password–I got a brief vanishing glimpse of one named ISIS Mainframe. So now our network is named ODIN Mainframe. We are extremely amused by this.

Umm…. what else? The water wasn’t turned on for the washer and dryer, so some hilarious but undamaging washing machine hijinx ensued before we got the thing working. And today has mostly been an exercise in walking out to places to get things we need and then walking the frack back. Peter Watts helped us out a ton and he is a god. We will be feeding him delicious food as soon as our kitchen arrives.

Remains of the living room…

Kelly has most of our stuff packed. We’re more or less down to the things we will need in the days before we fly and our first days in Toronto (because we’re arriving before the truck.) While she’s been doing that I’ve been working on my novel, teaching up a storm, and making efforts to find good homes for our passes to the incandescent Open Door Yoga.

The remainder is what we’re calling “camping stuff.” You know the drill. Two plates, two forks, one pot, two towels, a suitcase each of clothes…

… and of course the cats and a mountain of electronics.

Remains of the living room. We are 80% packed. @kellyoyo has loaded almost everything!

If you are local, there is still stuff you could have for free, just for the low low price of coming to get it: there’s a wooden bedside table with one drawer, a quite pretty wooden shelf, a very efficient–if somewhat heavy–Ikea desk with two shelves, a trio of lamps and a couple of plants.

Some of us get evil twins, Buffy gets a perky twin

slayerI’m up to “Intervention” on the Buffy Rewatch.

Plas related to our relocation are coming along. We have firmed up locations and dates for services, arranged some important banking and medical stuff, and acquired a bed. (Our frame is busted and isn’t coming with. Anyone want a pristine queen-sized futon?) Tomorrow the Frog Boxes arrive and we start packing.

I am obsessing over the bird checklist at the Leslie Street Spit. There will be owl photos.

In the midst of this, my mother-in-law is in town, which is super-delightful! We’re cat-sitting for friends for a bunch of days. And we are saying a lot of goodbyes. Holy crap do I know a lot of people in this neighborhood.

Soon to be former apartment and stuff

So our apartment sold to a couple who renovate and flip condo properties. They will, presumably, get rid of all the 20 year old appliances we couldn’t be bothered to replace–and possibly the window blinds too–repaint, fix up the kitchen and bathroom, do things to closet doors and the fireplace, and generally shine the place up.

This rather delights me. It’s as if the house is about to get all the things I didn’t want it to have. Plus it means that the place as I remember it will effectively cease to exist, which is kinda cool. To me. And we don’t have to clean up all that well as we get out. Cool!

There are many things that K and I won’t be bringing with us when we go. This is our totally awesome but somewhat cat-scratched couch. Are you local? Do you want it? Let me know.
This fab (if cat-distressed) couch is staying in #yvr when @kellyoyo and I leave. Let me know if you want it.

Our goldfinch friends will be losing their favorite snack shacks. That part does sadden me a little.