Soon to be former apartment and stuff

So our apartment sold to a couple who renovate and flip condo properties. They will, presumably, get rid of all the 20 year old appliances we couldn’t be bothered to replace–and possibly the window blinds too–repaint, fix up the kitchen and bathroom, do things to closet doors and the fireplace, and generally shine the place up.

This rather delights me. It’s as if the house is about to get all the things I didn’t want it to have. Plus it means that the place as I remember it will effectively cease to exist, which is kinda cool. To me. And we don’t have to clean up all that well as we get out. Cool!

There are many things that K and I won’t be bringing with us when we go. This is our totally awesome but somewhat cat-scratched couch. Are you local? Do you want it? Let me know.
This fab (if cat-distressed) couch is staying in #yvr when @kellyoyo and I leave. Let me know if you want it.

Our goldfinch friends will be losing their favorite snack shacks. That part does sadden me a little.

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4 Responses to Soon to be former apartment and stuff

  1. Rebecca Stefoff says:

    Goldfinches are resourceful little buggers. They’ll find some new eats . . . and you’ll find some new birds.

  2. Kier Salmon says:

    Awwww, I’m too far away for that cool couch, Alyx.