These newfangled microwave ovens…

What, besides baking potatoes, are they good for? Does anyone have any good recipes involving real food?

Today I am headed to the Redpath Waterfront Festival to tour the decks of a number of tall ships. I am exceedingly fortunate that I am able to legitimately call this part of my workday, as most of the ships in the Fleet of Nations on the world of Stormwrack are, in fact, tall ships. So ahoy, Mateys!
All Imported-277

Partying with the harvest – pumpkin shrimp curry

I made the above curry last night; I found it using the Epicurious app. I used light coconut milk rather than the full-bore stuff, and it came off really well. It also made about eight one-cup servings, which means for one hour’s work I got four nights of dinner.

Here’s the link.

And this should take you to all the stuff I routinely cook: the ginger yam tofu, the white turkey chile, the invisible spaghetti and light alfredo sauce… and so much more.