Telewitterings – Lewis, Season Six

I am pretty much devoted to the crimefighting duo of Lewis and Hathaway, so the fact that their new season totally snuck up on me is something of a boggler. It also reflects the fact that despite my unending devotion, the scripts on the last series of new Lewis episodes had serious deficits in the areas of sense, character development, storytelling or even coherence.

They still had Laurence Fox, a.k.a. Mr. Rose Tyler–so don’t get me wrong. I watched them, oh yes, I did. Every blithering, nonsensical frame.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when Series VI opened with a mystery that while, okay, a little grandiose and yes, too, not so big on series continuity in that over the summer James has become even more of a girlphobic horny dork. Will this be the year we get a whole season of not bad out of these scripts? I’ll know more tonight.