Toronto, Day 129

Last week was full of petty frustrations and upheavals, nothing huge, but enough to put a glower on my face, from time to time, and shadow my attention to the many things, big and small, that were lovely and delightful about the week.

Some of the things that were, at times, overshadowed by the grump: The launch for Priscilla Uppal’s new book Projection: Encounters With My Runaway Mother was really fun, and the book is, in part, about movies. Each chapter is named for a film: it starts with Blade Runner and there’s a Throw Momma from the Train chapter. Very promising!

On Saturday we went with Linda Carson to check out Hop Day before making and devouring a delicious fall feast together.

Here’s one of the Hop Day attendees confronting a painting I really liked; it’s called Orphan:

A fellow Art Hop attendee confronts a painting card Orphan.

I finished a story, and am quite pleased with it. The construction dudes seem to be on the verge of finishing our courtyard, and have not only turned on the water feature but have added gorgeous blue lights to it. And Bird TV is back on the air–the sparrows have found our suet feeder and the cats are wildly attentive.

Even the iO7 upgrade offered a bit of fun and entertainment.

Toronto, Day 107, Instagrams

Soap dish and droplets.Everysummer in all its glory, as Tana French says.Toronto has a beaver dam statue by Douglas Coupland. How unexpected!Yes, that is a human dangling from the CN Tower. She may have paid for the privilege.My new neighborhood has many theaters in it; here's one.Minnow in the morning.
Bird feeder, down by Lake Ontario.Morgan, resident cat at Wonderbucks, on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.One last shot from #FanExpoCanada - low tech Iron Man.Anonymous parent at #fanexpocanada.I have caught you snooping in my files, Nancy Drew! (Actually, @kellyoyo )Kelly contemplates the splendour of our new local wine bar, Cibo. @kellyoyo
Minnow in an extra-pensive moment.And this fandom I don't know at all...One true pairing: Thor and Cap. At #fanexpocanada in, natch, #torontoAnd this is @kellyoyo at @theonefish, where the women are women and the halibut is in costume at fanexpoThis bouncer embracing my Kelly Ann is also a Kelly Ann! So... Photo!
Artoo hasn't aged a day! #fanexpocanada #torontoSuper Mario has some things to ponder, in a cute way, at #fanexpocanada.Lord Vader and his plus one at #fanexpocanada in #toronto.Pam and AWOL Archer at #fanexpocanada in #toronto.Iron Man Mark One at #fanexpocanada. Go Team Tony!It's all, like, South Parky here at #fanexpocanada.

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