Instagrams – this time it’s personal!

Soap dish and droplets.Yerington post office, a major landmark of my childhood.Walnut Studios has a pretty door.After an unsuccessful attempt to see raptors from the cliffs in Scarborough, coffee cured what ailed us.New(ish) summer dress selfie.Minnow asnooze on the chaise we gave away.
My lovely @kellyoyo greets the dawn from our balcony.Ending the day with Minnow since I started it with Rum.Wavey walkway along the waterfront of Lake Ontario.Another from the Ai Weiwei show at AGO. Ancient pots dipped in modern paint.Bikes along the Toronto waterfront.Rumble contemplates the rain.
Queen's Quay, Toronto.Xerxes of Portland requires your tribute and worship.Anaconda Copper Mine, Yerington Nevada, December 2013.Walkway over the Go Train tracks at Dan Leckie Way, just downhill from my place. This is how I get to Lake Ontario.People keep telling me OMG, summer is over, but the bees aren't listening.Nevada sky, December 2012.
Lake Ontario, with tugboat and malting factory.Bobber Plaza is also the work of Douglas Coupland. What will those crazy GenXers do next?Got my toes in this crazy park, checking the signs of impending autumn.What grandma left for BarbA delicious tea house from our Montreal trip.Walkway at Dan Leckie Way.

Instagrams, a set on Flickr.

Actually, this time it’s just in the right order, with the new stuff in the blog entry. Or I hope it is.

Muppet, you’re one of the folks I have in mind when I post these, because you don’t see my Instagram feed or Facebook. Let me know if it’s all a big yawn, willya?

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4 Responses to Instagrams – this time it’s personal!

  1. Some cool stuff there.

    Do you ever get the impression that cats get a physical pleasure from napping that we don’t?

  2. Wow. My eye went right to a certain little Portland pussycat, who is currently napping on my desk next to this keyboard. Lovely to see him among these fine images. He would say hi if he could be bothered to wake up and take an interest.