Paul Gross! In his natural habitat

imageThis is a case where the right ad, at the right time, can really hit. I saw this yesterday. I had tickets … well, maybe ten minutes later.  This triumph of the shopping spirit is the sweeter because there was just no way I was gonna see his film Hyena Road at TIFF.

So! Seeing the actor I’d choose to play Clydon Banning, in my fantasy film version of The Hidden Sea Tales? Soon this shall be knocked off my bucket list. To be replaced, in all probability, with seeing him again.

(Any comments you may have seen on Facebook about us showing up with a giant butterfly net and smokes for bait are, I assure you, highly exaggerated.)

Today is the first day of our TIFF staycation, and there’s no movie on the docket today. Thursday and Friday are fancy red-carpet premiere events. Kelly and I are mostly going to foreign films you never heard of.  We never heard of them either, so that’s lovely. We did add a horror movie to Friday – Southbound, it’s called, and it’s an anthology of five scary interlocking tales.

This. and all the other things we have tickets for this fall–it’s gonna be an amazingly entertaining autumn here in Dualand–is part of what makes Toronto feel like Alyx and Kelly Disneyland. Whee!!

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