Rather get horrortastic? “The Color of Paradox” is out!

imageBirthdays upon birthdays. Not only did Child of a Hidden Sea come out yesterday, to much whooping and some great reviews (I’ll post a round-up, possibly tomorrow) but I am so incredibly fortunate as to have a story out today.

It’s called “The Color of Paradox,” it was acquired by the marvelous Ellen Datlow for Tor.com, and unlike my brand new novel, it is emphatically not a rollicking adventure at sea.

I am proud to say it comes with a bit of an ick-factor warning: here’s the write-up:

“The Color of Paradox,” by A.M. Dellamonica, is a science fiction story about one of a series of time travelers sent back to the past in order to buy more time for the human race, which in the future is on the verge of extinction.

Like some other stories published on Tor.com, “The Color of Paradox” contains scenes and situations some readers will find upsetting and/or repellent.

Repellent! It is an odd thing to be delighted by, but I’m pleased.

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4 Responses to Rather get horrortastic? “The Color of Paradox” is out!

  1. Great story, but is that the END?

  2. I hope to write more stories set in this universe, Steve, but I’m not sure Julie will figure in them.

  3. Alyx, I just read :The Color of Paradox” on Tor.com and loved it! It is the first of your stories I have read — looking forward to reading more now that I have discovered you.