Book Birthday and other things of thinginess…

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imageMy book is out! You can buy it! Let me know if you need help working out how or where! (I’m not expecting many takers on that, honestly. You all know how to buy books.)

As I tweeted yesterday, Sarah at Bookworm Blues liked Child of a Hidden Sea, and says:

Sophie, our protagonist, is far from perfect. She’s a fairly flawed person, in most senses of the word. She’s no pillar of perfection, and many readers will instantly bond with her due to that. She’s a little lost, slightly stalker-ish, has a serious case of being overshadowed by her genius brother. She’s lost, and that sort of lost feeling is something that I instantly bonded with. So many authors fill their books with characters that don’t feel, well, human, and Sophie was incredibly human. She was flawed, and her flaws kept her believable and interesting.

On a related front, I’m still keen to answer questions, here or at the Goodreads Ask Me Anything area.

My Green is the New Violet post from last week has gotten a fair number of replies, generating a discussion about culture, our assumptions about beauty, and whether queer readers see themselves in SF/F. Feel free to chime in, if you’re interested.

And what post is complete without a kitten picture? This is what CinCin is doing right now. (Meaning 22.5 hours before this post went live, as I was writing it.)

Someone is curled up between my notebook and my portable workstation.

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