Tell me what to write! (the saga continues)

cropped-10045023186_1a8678ed12_o.jpgAs a new experiment in having a blog that doesn’t bore its readers to death, I threw out a query to the Internet yesterday, asking everyone to let me know what you’d like to hear about. Some of my best writing has been assigned: many of my favorite short stories were written for theme anthologies. I had a number of reasons for asking for your input, but chief among them was seeing if the same thing might apply with this space.

Questions so far:
Escape Clause editor Clélie Rich wants to know where we’re moving to, and why.
Paul Weimer of SF Signal asks: Do you have a map for Stormwrack? What were your inspirations for the various cultures we see in CHILD OF A HIDDEN SEA? And: Why *portal* fantasy? (not that I am complaining, but its uncommon these days)

Over on Facebook, Wilson Fowlie wants to know: Why on earth you’d choose Toronto over Vancouver?

And Badger would like for me to blog about cheese.

Lorraine Valestuk says: I’d like to hear about why practically every lead in a fantasy novel has to have green eyes. (Follow-up comments blamed Marion Zimmer Bradley.) Then Clélie chimed in to ask: Do Toronto maps show you where to find people with green eyes?

My friends, I think you are feeling surreal. Spring fever?

I will answer Cleile’s question first, because it’s easy. C, we took a one-year lease on the apartment we’re in currently when we moved, with the idea that we’d look around, check out neighborhoods, and then decide if/where we wanted to settle more permanently. Now we have bought a fabulous condo that is a three minute walk from the subway going in one direction, a three minute walk to the Art Gallery of Ontario (henceforth to be known as Our Personal Art Collection) in the other, and a fifteen minute walk from both the CN Tower and Kelly’s office. There’s more info in a previous entry, here.

I am still gratefully taking suggestions, requests, and your random topic ideas.

(I am also counting up green-eyed fantasy hero and heroines. Harry Potter. Katsa from Graceling. And…?)

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