Anniversary girl almost forgot about the #BuffyRewatch #alyxkelly25

wpid-Photo-2012-05-20-948-AM.jpgAs of today, I’ve been not-legally married to Kelly for 9,131 days or 25 years. (And legally married to her for ten and change.)

We got married at a pub event at the University of Lethbridge on January 21, 1989. The pub was hosted by the local NDP club, which meant all of our friends were pretty much in attendance by default, and said club was screening the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The lovely and much-missed Mirella Zappone conducted the service just before the RHPS wedding scene, and the attendees pelted us with rice.

Also, I fell into the men’s room in my wedding dress when trying to avoid a (water)gunfight.

The celebrating starts in earnest tomorrow night–tonight, we’re going to yoga. But it’s all so very exciting that I nearly forgot to post about the latest Buffy essay, “Wouldn’t you like to be a Slayer, too?”

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