True Dua Conversations about Hannibal

imageSo the thing you have to know to understand this is that the building whose exterior “plays” Hannibal’s office on Hannibal is a single block away from Kelly’s office. That’s right: Chez the Cannibal is just around the corner from her workplace.

K: What do you want to watch now?
A: I’m kind of into the Hannibal rewatch.
K: We might have to stop partway. I’m pretty tired.
A: That’s okay. We know where it’s going.
K: Hannibal. ‘Cause he’s my neighbor.
A: (singing). Would you be my neighbor?
K: OMG Yes!
A: He does kind of dress like…
K: Mr. Rogers! Yes!

And yes, we’re more or less sober.

And on that note, best holiday wishes to you each and every one.

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