True Dua Conversations about Hannibal

Posted on December 24, 2013 by

imageSo the thing you have to know to understand this is that the building whose exterior “plays” Hannibal’s office on Hannibal is a single block away from Kelly’s office. That’s right: Chez the Cannibal is just around the corner from her workplace.

K: What do you want to watch now?
A: I’m kind of into the Hannibal rewatch.
K: We might have to stop partway. I’m pretty tired.
A: That’s okay. We know where it’s going.
K: Hannibal. ‘Cause he’s my neighbor.
A: (singing). Would you be my neighbor?
K: OMG Yes!
A: He does kind of dress like…
K: Mr. Rogers! Yes!

And yes, we’re more or less sober.

And on that note, best holiday wishes to you each and every one.

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