Where does all the awesome come from? Jack Womack and the #BuffyRewatch

fangirlTor.com has a new feature called That Was Awesome: Writers on Writing. The inaugural post is one by me, on Jack Womack’s uber-fantastic coming of age diary, Random Acts of Senseless Violence
. The essay is called: Surprise, Fear, and an almost Fanatical Devotion to the Womack.

This essay–and there will be others–owes a debt to Favorite Thing Ever, where I got to go squee about Veronica Mars and Tana French and many other wonderful things.

Meanwhile in Sunnydale, season seven needed a catchy refrain, and has chosen blogs/2013/11/buffy-the-vampire-slayer-rewatch-did-you-turn-this-ladys-ex-into-a-giant-worm-monster”>From Beneath You, It Devours.” Won’t that make a great theme for Dawn’s first prom?

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