Another 24 roll of captioned pics

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I told @camillealexa that my necklaces disappeared in the move and so she gave me this birdie.I love the malting plant--it strikes me as Gothic, though it isn't actually.Minnow's last portrait.Copy edits for CHILD OF A HIDDEN SEA, all done now and in the post back to Tor.Things that stick up: fooling with the @DougCoupland Bobber Plaza installation and the CN Tower.Drama skies and old timey rigging, Lake Ontario, Toronto.
I'm not much for emoticons. So, sometimes when I'm texting with friends, I emote selfie instead. Then, later, I find these things on the gadgetry.Unflattering selfie, avec chat.Flirtatious plastic dinosaur at the Calgary Zoo seeks partner. Likes: vegetarians, warm weather vacations, and romantic comedies.Child versus triceratops, Calgary Zoo.Huge tree down in Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto.I had a chance to try out Sublime Coffee in the Kensington Market today, and they actually were! Sublime, that is.
Getting arty with the lamp posts and Toronto's CN Tower.Mall Vampire says "No! This carousel is mine!"Bears at the zoo.Steampunky mall dinosaur, in Calgary's Chinook Center.I am home sweet home with my fur kids and happy to be here!Mountain goat!
And then also there was an elk.The time travelling portion of the Calgary Zoo is still open for business.Penguins! Inherently funny animals.Owl!I love me a raptor.Cougar at the Calgary Zoo, which my niece has renamed Boring Zoo b/c half the zoo was closed in the summer flood.

Instagrams, a set on Flickr.

My recent life in pictures–everything from the CHILD OF A HIDDEN SEA copy-edits and Minnow’s last portrait to dinosaurs and some funny faced selfies.

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