Wreckage on the @tordotcom #Buffyrewatch and Telewitterings

slayerI’m up to “Wrecked” over at Tor. Willow’s deep in the throes of what looks awfully like drug addiction, and it’s all just a little depressing. Or a lot.

Other things I’ve been watching lately:
Doc Martin, which is about an uptight surgeon who moves to a charming village in Cornwall. Badger, if you and Fearless haven’t discovered this yet, you will squee.

The Big Year. Camille Alexa suggested I watch this. I no longer think of myself as a rabid birder.

The Killing: Season Two. The big reveal was a little obvious, but I liked this a lot, and the end certainly raised the stakes.

We have given up on Suits, which had become an endless round of people waving blue folders at each other and engaging in very silly power struggles. Not even Gina Torres can keep one engaged in that forever.

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2 Responses to Wreckage on the @tordotcom #Buffyrewatch and Telewitterings

  1. The Big Year–I know one birder like that. It’s both impressive and a bit scary, like all monomanias, but he is the one I direct all my bird-ID questions to, and he always knows the answer.

  2. I could imagine that being into one and only ONE thing could be kind of restful.