On the launch pad, with extra dental craziness

wpid-Photo-2012-05-05-1037-AM.jpgSo yesterday I bit into a perfectly benign piece of chocolate and then spat out two alarmingly large chunks of silver tooth filling. These had been wrapped around a razor-sharp edge of tooth in a way that made slicing my tongue open on the thing an inevitability.

With that exciting challenge added to my roster, Tuesday went like this:

Teaching & e-mail.
Commute to massage therapy.
Race madly to mentoring gig without eating lunch, for fear of shattering the tooth.
Beg dentist to find room for me in the afternoon.
Mentoring gig! With a farewell visit from my favorite bosslady!
Quick, light-headed lunch at Rue 909, with a side of answering more e-mails.
Dentist. Where things were OMG, not nearly as dire as I feared. (And where my dentist of 17 years said some extremely sweet things. If you want a nice dentist, Doctor Liu at Broadway Dental rocks the planet!!)
Run home, change to yoga togs, do not pass Go, run directly to Yoga for 75 minutes.
Heat and eat the dinner K had already prepped and…

…are you ready?…

Then our real estate agent came over and we signed a no subjects deal on the condo. It is sold, sold, sold and we are handing over the keys on the 24th.

My brain is entirely made of porridge. And I have realized I have to shower. Later, gaters.

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