Telewitterings: Elementary, my Dear Revolution

We watched about three quarters of the first Revolution before hitting the nuke button right in the midst of the big Uncle Versus Everybody combat sequence. I love Giancarlo Esposito with a love that’s true, but the pilot had nothing else to recommend it: no likeable or charismatic leads, a middlin’ SF construct, whiny yawner dialog. Time better spent watching Justified and/or Damages on Netflix, basically.

Elementary may well fall in that category, too. Lucy Liu is wonderful, and gorgeous, and fabulously dressed and freckled, and I’m glad Aidan Quinn has found himself another cop role after the tragic, heartbreaking, deeply unfair demise of Prime Suspect. But Johnny Lee Miller needs to become somewhat appealing right this second, and so do the scripts. But Lucy! We will watch it one more time at least.

Other new shows I plan to try: Arrow, Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue.

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