Telewitterings: Sean Bean is not in World Without End (yet)

Two episodes in, World Without End seems to be Game of Thrones, with twice the rape, some okay medieval history, and none of the magic. That doesn’t mean it’s terrible: really, this is just a listing of ingredients.

The story is based on a Ken Follet book, World Without End, and it’s set in England during the reign of Edward the II. There are a few familiar faces within the cast, most notably Miranda Richardson. The story hums along: this is not one of those tales that morsels out plot in tiny teaspoons–we’ve seen three episodes, and already months have passed and there’s been a significant bodycount. And, in fact, one of the characters who’s already died was played by an actor who’s been horribly killed in every single thing we’ve seen them appear in.

No, not Sean Bean, but speaking of which, have you seen this? It’s The Save Sean Bean campaign on Rock, Paper, Cynic!! Comedy genius!

Anyway, similar thing: whenever I see this other actor onscreen, or see their name in a list of credits, it’s ironclad: Okay! We all know what’s going to happen to them! Gruesome death ahoy!

It’s an interesting thing, isn’t it? What qualities would you need, as a performer, to so reliably get you typecast as doomed?

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