Take cover! Blue Magic escapes into the wild

It’s out! After all those countdown posts, we may have been lulled into complacency, but my second novel, Blue Magic, is now officially available in bookstores online and in the real world.

Blue Magic picks up Astrid Lethewood’s story about six months after the initial, devastating outbreak of enchantment in Indigo Springs. As it opens, Sahara Knax is about to go on trial for treason, along with a number of her closest followers. One of those followers is Will Forest’s wife Carolyn–she’s been arrested, but their children are still missing. The US Air Force is firebombing Indigo Springs in an attempt to eliminate the magical contamination spreading outward from Oregon, and everyone in the world, from politicians to vigilantes, has an opinion about whether magic should be used, contained, or eliminated entirely from the world.

And you can get in on the fun! Buy the book, tweet the mystical outbreak, take pictures of it in bookstores, and let me know if you want to come to the launch in Vancouver on April 19th. Any sightings or mentions, positive or otherwise, would be very welcome. And watch this blog–I’ll keep you in the loop on contests, signings and chances to win the book itself (and perhaps other things too!)

But wait–there’s more! Here’s what Starmetaloak thought of the novel, in case you’re curious.

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  1. Happy Book Release Day!