I am just in the process of tying up our Intrawebs to legally download S2 of Sherlock. I would have done so anyway ( because all Hail the Cumberbatch! and all that) but I’m especially desperate because the current TV season has been full of just-barely-okay, conspicuously lacking in fantastic. Prime Suspect, with Maria Bello, was the best new show we were watching, and it has apparently gotten the axe. Pan Am had many virtues, by which I mean a girl-heavy cast including a fantastic Nancy Drew-a-like and Christina Ricci. And its S1 arc came to an okay conclusion… but now I hear it’s on the roof too.

We just gave up on Once Upon a Time, and I’m not sure either of us could tell you exactly why we’re still watching The Mentalist and Downton Abbey. Well, the latter, I think, is over. We haven’t watched the last one yet. Glee and Ringer are often fun–but I was deeply distressed by the most recent Glee!–and that leaves Castle, Revenge and Merlin as the most consistently enjoyable of the network shows. Not a lot of depth there, you know?

So we’re rewatching Boston Legal, racking up House episodes on the DVR for when things get really desperate, downloading Cumberbatch, and counting the days until Game of Thrones S2.

Oh, wait. I am loving Smash. Yay, Smash! And The River‘s got some cheesy goodness too.

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