November readfest, Day One, Book One

While some of you are madly writing, and writing, I am reading. I am starting with a series I love, something Kelly and I both read annually. This year’s edition of The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2011 is especially exciting because it was edited by the hilarious Mary Roach, along with series editor Tim Folger.

I have already learned exciting things about fermentation. How cool is that?

And, since these are articles, I am also going to embark on reading a novel… just as soon as I pick one out.

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After twenty-two years in Vancouver, B.C., I've recently moved to Toronto Ontario, where I make my living writing science fiction and fantasy; I also review books and teach writing online at UCLA. I'm a legally married lesbian, a coffee snob, and I wake up at an appallingly early hour.

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