More of the autumn cookfest

My recemt campaign to cook new stuff has mostly been facilitated by the Epicurious app for the iPhone–specifically, the low-calorie mains section. But I did a tofu search last week, because I had a motley collection of leftover ingredients in the fridge: half a brick of bean curd, broccoli, light coconut milk. This recipe, which features lemon grass, also gave me an opportunity to try out something I’ve seen in one of the local groceries–toothpaste-y tubes of herbs, preserved in citrus juice and a bit of oil.

(One can buy lemongrass on the Drive, of course, and we do. But every so often there’s a phase where all of what’s available is shockingly moldy and I don’t want the spores in the house.)

This was subtle and delicious and–if you’re pepper-averse–not too spicy. I used less oil and rice than was called for, and didn’t miss either. There’s a snapshot here, if you are curious.

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