A day of errands and exquisite words both…

Posted on November 14, 2011 by

It’s cold and blustery and oh so sunny outside, so I delayed all my desk work this morning in favor of a stomp out in the wind. East Vancouver is chilly, beautiful, and the air is full of flying leaves. It’s exhilarating and thoroughly wonderful, and as a bonus I directed my path in a loop past many places I needed to visit, so I’ve picked up many needed items for our house and upcoming trip, which is now four weeks away.

Here’s some Tanith Lee to go with the bluster:

Then he reaches the clearing. It is as they described it. The fallen tree and beyond, the stone sundial, and there the ruined garden, in which still the tall and somber roses grow, and from which they have climbed up into the trees. Up the walls of the towers the roses have risen also, among the black-green ivy. Roses with terrible thorns.

“She Sleeps in a Tower,” Tanith Lee

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