The flickering same old same old…

The new TV season is upon us and so far I’ve watched the Ringer pilot (as mentioned earlier) and two returning shows from last year. I watch Castle in spite of its scripts, because the cast and especially Captain Tightpants are funny and charming. Sadly, the premiere was a Serious Episode of Seriousness, and thus contained little of either. Next week, maybe…

Glee … mmm. I loved a couple of the numbers, and I’m always happy to hear something from Hairspray, but they were essentially pushing pieces around a board as they assemble the season three group. And while they were assembling, we had lots of Rachel–who’s not my favorite–and a bunch of noisy Will/Sue conflict, which I’d like if it ever went anywhere except the Same Damned Nowhere.

Why watch? There’s some funny. There’s some charming. There’s gay kids in love! It’s a musical. And the Tom Jones number (should we rename Daren Criss Cadet Officer Tightpants right now?) offset a lot of boredom.

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