Book Review: Those Across the River

I recently read what I’d characterize as an old-school horror novel for Tor.Com. It’s called Those Across the River, it’s a first novel by Christopher Buehlman, and the review itself is here.

Beuhlman is also known as Christophe the Insultor, Verbal Mercenary, and if you’re not at work–this really isn’t appropriate for the office–check out his stand-up comedy.

Reading this book made me think I might revisit some of the big Eighties horror novels: something by Stephen King, Floating Dragon by Peter Straub, maybe a Koontz, a Barker, Song of Kali or possibly Carrion Comfort.

And then I thought: were there no great blockbuster horror novels of the Eighties written by women?

I bet you all know the answer. Anyone feel like saving me from my ignorance?
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