Dealbreaker is out!

Those of you who know about my (formerly) sekrit cli-fi life as L.X. Beckett may already know about my optimistic solarpunk novel, Gamechanger, and the related short works, like “The Immolation of Kev Magee” which appeared in Clarkesworld, both in print and as a podcast.

But now the actual sequel to Gamechanger is out. It’s called Dealbreaker, and this is its beautiful beautiful cover:

Want an excerpt? You can read the first chapter here!

I will have other stories out in 2021, in both Asimovs and the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and I’ll tell you more about those soon, here and on the socials, and on my L.X. Beckett site.

Another tale from the Clawback: “The Immolation of Kev Magee,” in @Clarkesworld

Those of you who know about my formerly sekrit other life as L.X. Beckett may already know about my novelette, “The Immolation of Kev Magee” which appeared in Clarkesworld, both in print and as a podcast. It’s about three teens trying to make it in our increasingly precarious near-future. Two are trying to chase their dreams in the slices of time when they’re not keeping body and soul together; the other has gone full predator.

Here’s an excerpt:

Could all these hundreds of thousands of tons of man-made ice, literal drops in a literal ocean, truly make a dent in the ongoing global overheat? Perhaps not. But Magee was a billionaire, and as long as he was creating gigs and homing refugees, that meant something. Breeze figured—knew—that serfing for a megaphilanthropist was as close as it came to getting a fresh start. It certainly beat trying to scrape by in the cross-continental shooting gallery south of the Great Lakes.

This particular novelette is one of three I’ve written (so far!) about the period after “Freezing Rain, a Chance of Falling,” takes place and before the events of my 2019 novel Gamechanger, which will be out in trade paperback just about any minute now, and the sequel, Dealbreaker, which will be out in January.

Autumn Voyage… to CanCon!

This weekend I am headed with Kelly to CanCon, where I will be on a number of panels in my (decreasingly) secret identity as L. X. Beckett, author of the solarpunk thriller Gamechanger. The two of us have grown to love Ottawa; and it is always a treat to go. We will see so many friends, and I expect to come back charged with creative energy and inspiration.

If you are only just hearing about Lex, here’s a link to my webpage, newsletter, Twitter, and Gamechanger buy links. A lot of my online activity has been focused there lately, so if you’ve been wondering why it’s been quiet here, and what I’m up to at any given moment, check there. It’s also where I’ll post my scheduled panels for the con!

Folks have also been asking about the Creative Writing MFA I am doing at UBC. The story so far: classes are done, and I am in the thesis phase, working on a screenplay for a full length horror movie entitled Jackpot. I hope to wrap up my degree soon, and maybe even graduate in 2020.

One knock-on effect of the MFA was that I wrote a bunch of poems and I’m happy to unhumbly brag I have now sold one, an exciting achievement badge that allows me to refer to myself as a Poet. I’ll post more details about that when I have them.