These are a few of my colorful things

Many of you may already know that I developed a fondness for the Spanish clothing label known as Desigual when Kelly and I were in Sicily in December of 2012. This led to some major dress-buying in Italy, and again at the Desigual store in San Francisco this June when I was on my Blue Magic tour. Then there was a sustained consumer explosion at Christmastime when Angel Vancouver, here in Gastown, started carrying the oh-so-pretty clothes.

This past weekend when I was guesting at Gottacon, I found another dealer in Victoria: Mango’s Boutique.

We are, apparently, in some kind of fashion transition. The spring stuff is only just coming in, and much of what Mango’s had was marked-down winter stuff I’d already pawed extensively at Angel, including their amazing coats. Even so, I did end up finding this dress:

Latest Desigual Dress