Toronto Day 119 – Running around, buckling down

I was out and about quite a bit this week, and often away from the Internet. Most of it was mentoring gig business–gearing up, essentially, to get back to my usual two days a week on that front. So there hasn’t been much in the way of pictures or posting.

We did go to the monthly ChiSeries reading on Wednesday; our friend Caitlin Sweet was reading from her new book, which is a) awesome; b) YA; c) about Ariadne and the Minotaur. As usual, Kari Maaren performed some new filky works between sets. Here’s her take on Disney princesses and the identity of the true princess of Star Wars.

Happy Birthday CZP

On Tuesday ChiZine Publications had their fifth anniversary bash, which was paired with a launch for Imaginarium 2013: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing.

I read the first scene of “The Sweet Spot,” one of the Imaginarium stories, at the launch. It’s the first time I’ve read a squid story in public, I think. It went down rather well.

I also got to hear and meet a number of the other contributors. Michael Kelly read part of “Blink,” and we got to hear part of “I was a Teenaged Minotaur” by A.G. Pasquella. David Clink read his Aurora-nominated poem, “A sea monster tells his story,” which made all the women at our table all edge-of-weepy.

And then Kari Maren sang her new song, “Fake Geek Guy.”

It was a boisterous, lively event and much fun was had.