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Things get nerdtastic on the #BuffyRewatch on @tor.com

Posted on July 4, 2013 by

slayerOne hundred short days ago, I was in Vancouver, working to finish the draft of a novel, and my plan for this week was to go to San Francisco and see my cousin. We had Monterey Bay Aquarium plans, and San Francisco Opera plans. It was all very exciting.

(And then I was gonna come back to Vancouver and just kinda keep living there and start working on something else! I had no idea things were about to change.)

That trip got put on indefinite hold April 1st, and so much has happened since then! But this week is nevertheless my only real vacation opportunity for awhile, because of the teaching schedule, so I’ve been slacking in various ways. Including not getting the weekly Buffy Rewatch announcement posted until now.

But it’s up! It’s happening! And it’s called… We Three Nerds of Sunnydale Are.

Mermaids, #BuffyRewatch, and a vintage pun

Posted on June 10, 2013 by

My latest Buffy rewatch ends Season Five with “The Gift.” I call it “Beware of God.

If you’d prefer a pre-taste of my upcoming book CHILD OF A HIDDEN SEA, which is set in the same world as “Among the Silvering Herd” or my next related Tor.com story “The Ugly Woman of Castello di Putti,” here’s a post on mermaids I did for
My World… in Words and Pages.

Toronto continues to be a completely fun place to explore: here’s a store called Da Vintage Code. I love a good pun.
DaVintage Code Vintage store, in Kensington Market. #yyz #toronto

Some of us get evil twins, Buffy gets a perky twin

Posted on May 6, 2013 by

slayerI’m up to “Intervention” on the Buffy Rewatch.

Plas related to our relocation are coming along. We have firmed up locations and dates for services, arranged some important banking and medical stuff, and acquired a bed. (Our frame is busted and isn’t coming with. Anyone want a pristine queen-sized futon?) Tomorrow the Frog Boxes arrive and we start packing.

I am obsessing over the bird checklist at the Leslie Street Spit. There will be owl photos.

In the midst of this, my mother-in-law is in town, which is super-delightful! We’re cat-sitting for friends for a bunch of days. And we are saying a lot of goodbyes. Holy crap do I know a lot of people in this neighborhood.

Girlfriend Testing on the #BuffyRewatch on @tordotcom

Posted on April 16, 2013 by

slayerWay back when I was watching BtVS the first time through, I thought “I was Made To Love You” was the saddest damned thing I’d ever seen. Then, of course, “The Body” aired the following week.

I’m hoping that as the show gets grimmer, the rewatches will get funnier. Because, really, it’s tougher to say silly things about the nigh-perfect episodes, and out-funnying the funny ones is tough too. But the actual watching–some of it is going to be very grim, especially as I hit S6.