Guest blogging for the AntiPope

For the next little while I’ll be putting up the occasional guest post at Charlie Stross‘s blog, which is a marvelous place filled with many wonders. My opener is a “Hi, I’m Alyx” type post, for those of his readers who haven’t heard of me, but it does contain medium-known facts you may not have heard before.

Google’s automatic egosurfing software brought me a listing, on myself, from Order of Books today. This is the sort of thing that happens now and then, and generally I’m grateful if the biographical info pillaged from my site is arranged in a somewhat comprehensible fashion. This particular site would also like you to know that I’m in good company, storywise:


Bujold! McGuire! Lackey! I’ll take it.

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About Alyx Dellamonica

After twenty-two years in Vancouver, B.C., I've recently moved to Toronto Ontario, where I make my living writing science fiction and fantasy; I also review books and teach writing online at UCLA. I'm a legally married lesbian, a coffee snob, and I wake up at an appallingly early hour.

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