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CD705BB0-1279-4611-A3E6-503A5977A6B9Being a round-up of things that have happened lately, none of them deserving their own blog entry and hopefully numbering more good items than not:

Awesome: you all know that Kelly has a novella up at, right? An artfully luminous historical fantasy called “Waters of Versailles?” You didn’t know? Oh, hey, I strongly urge you to go read it there for free. For bonus hugs next time we see you, post a comment on the Tor site!

Good: Boots, boots, the musical fruit! A little boon this month means we have the dosh to see Kinky Boots live this Saturday at yet another of the theaters that is a ten-minute walk from our front frickin’ door. Why did we move to Toronto? Not just this. But also: yeah!

Humph! After six months of very careful rehab, I was seeing some very nice healing in the soft tissue injury on the top of my left foot. Then I made a sincere attempt to turn my ankle last weekend. All the usual rehab remedies and yoga modifications will continue for the foreseeable.  It’s not quite as bad as last time, thankfully.

Also, I have a cold. (I bundle this into the thing about the ankle so that I only have to remind you guys once that I’m one of those who really doesn’t want unsolicited medical advice.)

Good! 23 sleeps until Readercon. OMG OMG, OMG! Our last true vacation began 285 sleeps ago. Yes, I have an app that counts these things. Peter Straub will be there. Eeeeee!!!! Boston, I cannot wait to be in you!

Good: I make really great burritos.* I made them for friends on the weekend, and they agree. The lurkers support me in their tummies, so there!

Pretty Good: The new Avengers movie holds together better the second time through. I’m not saying it isn’t still problematic, clunky, and in need of a good tune-up, but it’s more watchable on the next go-round. (Your mileage may vary, but I would argue that the opposite is true of Guardians of the Galaxy.)

Neutral: Our building air conditioner needs a bit of a rebuild and the parts didn’t come in March when they were supposed to, so we are going to be without global AC for approximately ten days. After pretending for a little while that denial would get us through, in an apartment that regularly cracks 90° in the afternoon in April (we get a lot of late-day sun through our glorious, beautiful windows) we went out and got a movable AC unit. It just seems smarter than not sleeping for a week and eventually running the cats to the veterinarian for heatstroke.

We will try to recoup some of the cost by throwing it at Craigslist and Kijiji when the building HVAC is back in service. If you are in Toronto and want a next-to-new AC unit at a steep discount, drop us a line.

Smugness: Speaking of my apartment, I drafted this post last night in the building hot tub.

A little sad: My grandmother Joan’s birthday is today. Gone two years now, still very much missed.

Damn, I want to end up on an up note! I love my pajamas! I love my hair! I love my whole house! I love my wife and my cats and daytime decongestants! I got my OAC Works-in-Progress grant app in on time! The smash-hit comedy Hannibal is finally back on the air! Funniest thing on TV, folks–get your yuks right here!

Okay, this is ridiculous, and if I use any more exclamation marks today, someone’s going to start charging. Back to bed.



*My  highly inauthentic family recipe draws upon the finest traditions of 2nd-generation Italian immigrants living in Reno, Nevada.

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2 Responses to Domestic Blintz

  1. carolyncharron says:

    Curious minds want to know what you did to your foot. I dropped a huge, heavy block of wood on my foot last summer and still feel it some days. #lookingforadvice #permanentlyscarred

    Yay to Kelly and Kinky Boots and hot tubs and grants!

    • Part one of the foot injury was simply stubbing the toe, almost to the point of breakage, while moving some furniture around. Then a little while later, when I was still hobbling, I tripped in a hotel room in Vancouver and wrenched it again. This past weekend all I did was that thing where you misstep and twist the ankle a bit. No biggie, but the tissue’s still sensitive.