Feeling like a comic book gangster

image(This post ends with a Gotham spoiler.)

I walked into Portland Variety this morning and my order was already sitting out waiting for me; coffee freshly poured, almond financier plated, two baristas, one representing each of the majority genders, grinning with that genial “Ha ha gotcha!” face that you just have to love.

Then I headed into the back and an adorable young man whom I’d swear I’d never seen before looked up from his MacAir. He said, in purest dulcet tones: “I know this is your table, but I’m leaving in just a minute. If you want me to clear out now I can totally do that.”

To which, obviously, I said “Oh honey, that’s insane, I can work anywhere.”

It kinda made me feel like Don Falcone. Only cooler, with less tendency to speak in a weird mash-up of upspeak and a monotone, and vastly less likely to go strangling people for reminding me of my mother.

Yeah, boss, we gotcha table forya. You want we should take this guy out in the alley and teach ‘im a lesson?

Clearly I am terrifying.

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