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keep readingMost of you probably saw me twittering about this elsewhere, but the Kirkus Reviews Blog (in the person of Book Smuggler Thea James) says some  very nice and gratifying things about my execution of portal fantasy in Child of a Hidden Sea.

Fewer of you may know that I keep a separate Facebook author page, for people who want to know about book and story releases, and who are perhaps less interested (if this is actually possible) in seeing pictures of my kittens, wife, regular coffee stops and new hometown.  If you don’t know this, it’s because I have never ONCE spamgested that You Like This Page!

Anyway, over on said author page, a fan who enjoyed the book–but wasn’t so sure about Sophie–wrote:

If you are planning a subsequent book and make this a series, DON’T get her (Sophie, that is) together with Parrish.

I mentioned this to author Charlene Challenger, via text, and she is pro… Sophish? Parrie? Sophland? She’s into the whole Sophie/Parrish thing. So, finally, here are her thoughts:

Child of a hidden sea comments

(If you are at all curious about Challenger’s new YA novel, The Voices in Between, here’s her Tumblr feed.

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