Goodreads AMA for Child of a Hidden Sea

imageThe previously mentioned author Q&A is up at Goodreads. I am taking all questions, from now until the end of July. Ask me things! I will answer.

(I know many of you have asked me questions here, and I appreciate it. But if you missed your chance earlier, or have just now thought of something, do consider posting it there. And if you’re an author yourself, and have done a Q&A of this sort before? I would eagerly accept any and all pro tips.

All questions are welcome as long as they’re at least vaguely writing-related.

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After twenty-two years in Vancouver, B.C., I've recently moved to Toronto Ontario, where I make my living writing science fiction and fantasy; I also review books and teach writing online at UCLA. I'm a legally married lesbian, a coffee snob, and I wake up at an appallingly early hour.

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  1. Paul Weimer says:

    Of course it was 🙂