We choosed the kitten life…

Posted on May 22, 2014 by

The new feline overlords have slowed me down considerably. They move at the speed of zoom, of course, except when they’re blissfully unconscious in a heap. But everything I do takes longer. Cooking, showering, eating–all of it gets interrupted by slack-jawed goggling at the babies, interspersed with fits of trying to capture every single instant of their little lives with the camera.

Yesterday my phone developed the electronic equivalent of a hacking cough, all of five minutes before our provider called to offer Kelly a deal on replacement gadgetry. So! In addition to replacing the thermostat, getting the babies to the vet, having the countertops repaired and maybe doing some actual work, Kelly and I are acquiring and customizing new toys.

It’s hard to be sad about this, of course, even if it is another damned thing to do.

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