Bite nails, yawn, bite nails, yawn again…

The kitten picture I posted earlier in the week, of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (yes, placeholder names) and their unnamed littermate was, of course, a cue that we are getting back into cat ownership. There are three kittens–obviously we can’t take three–but they all are earmarked for forever homes, and the pick-up was supposed to be next week.

They didn’t put the date in their calendars, however, and are getting up to rambling all over their birth neighborhood. So K and I are shooting out their with the woman who facilitated the adoption, to try and find and catch their feral fluffy butts. Needless to say this is entirely nerve-wracking. The more so because we were up from five Saturday morning until two last night, and have had three hours sleep since then*.

In the meantime, I went back to the Frida mural and captured all of it while I was waiting for the kibble store to open.

*The loss of sleep was for good reasons, and fun ones. Still, we are a little strung out. Oh well, that’s what coffee is for!

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