Moved! (Toronto, day 346)

imageThe past five or so days have been both gruelling and immensely gratifying. Final packing took up all of my Thursday. Getting everything relocated and unpacking it was the dawn-to-dusk Friday task. Kelly joined me after her work week ended; I set something of a backbreaking pace, and she matched it heave for heave. She is, officially, a trooper!

Saturday and Sunday were spent organizing all our worldly goods. We headed out a couple times to get much-needed things from Canadian Tire and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Much of what we needed is for for our strangely laid-out bathroom, which has two doors–one from the main hall, one from the bedroom–and a separate bath and shower. We’re calling the shower “the glass cage of emotion,” in honor of a certain scene from Anchorman.

Here’s the old place looking clean and empty. Goodbye, King Street. You were good to us.

Depending on where you’re reading this, you might be able to swipe forward or back and see many many pictures of the empty old place and jammed-with-stuff new place. This seems to be the Flickr/Wordpress thing now. But if not, here’s my office filled with things and walled off by Frogboxes.

The chaos is diminishing and the Frogboxes go home today. Once that’s done, I can finalize where things will go, start setting out my various daily routines, and go about adopting a cat before I lose my mind.
If you’ve been waiting on an e-mail from me, thank you for your patience. I hope to be back up to speed by week’s end.

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