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I told @camillealexa that my necklaces disappeared in the move and so she gave me this birdie.Still loving all the icicles I am finding here in #Toronto.Icicles are so fun! And @kellyoyo agrees.The CN Tower is getting its drama on.Under the CN tower.Advance proofs of my new novel have arrived! Whee!!
And this is me after an eyebrow job--I'm getting a new author photo before CHILD OF A HIDDEN SEA comes out in June.This is the "would you please just get the hairbrush and make me silky now?" pose.Suncicles. With a view from our soon to be ex-deck.Goose patrol, Riverdale Farm, Toronto.What Scrabble HD is really saying, in its obnoxiously passive-aggressive way, is "Play a turn already!!"All Imported-110
Bike vs. Snowdrift, on the shores of Lake Ontario. This was a week ago. Today, it's rainy.When I chat with my peeps I sometimes enclose shots of the cat, if he happens to come visit. But he rarely stays still.This tree, near Lake Ontario's shorefront, lives right below a perennially dripping walkway.Raptor on Queen Street. Beware, pigeonkind!!Oh! Richard Anderson's cover for my upcoming @tordotcom novelette, "The Ugly Woman of Castello di Putti," is moody and gorgeous!Sculpture family chills on a snowy day.
Lake Ontario, trees, clouds at dusk. It is gorgeous today.Kooky distorted window selfie, Kensington Market, #Toronto.Icicles and prayer flags in Kensington Market, Toronto.The next icicle shot - ice, trees, sky.A curtain of icicles blocks my way to Kensington. Khaaan! Wait...I continue to be fascinated by icicles, and  #Toronto continues to provide them. These are in Kensington Market.

Instagrams, a set on Flickr.

Another round of photos from the life in progress, with cuteness and captions. Enjoy!

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