Staycationing our married faces off (#alyxkelly25)

wpid-Photo-2012-05-20-948-AM.jpgThe work week is unfolding and I am making ready to retire the anniversary hashtag. But first–capsule reviews of the entertainment events:

Debra DiGiovanni – The Winter Garden was a trippy and cool place to see a show. As for the woman herself, she was… okay. A lot of her best material was stuff I’d seen in a 2006 Youtube video when I was checking her out. Her delivery has improved since then, but her timing remains a little rushed. Her openers were good and great, though. Good was Graham Chittenden. Great was Nile S├ęguin. It was a perfectly lovely evening, but we’d be more likely to go see one of the guys on his own than to try DD again.

London Road – This was stunning. Awesome, thought-provoking, and musically intriguing. Playwright Alecky Blythe recorded interviews with London Road residents about the discovery that one of their neighbors was a multiple murderer. The interviews were played for actors in a sort of aural script which they memorized sound for sound. And then, yeah, they set it to music. There was class stuff, and gender stuff, and all kinds of feminist politic all over this thing, and I am so glad I went.

Body Blitz – Taking the waters? Wow. I am kind of surprised that security guards aren’t even now trying to peel us out of the salt pool. Or the steam room. Or the sauna. Well, you get what I’m saying. Several of the women there were obviously regulars, and were soaking by themselves in the company of a good book.

It was a swanky week, with many of the delights you’d get in an actual trip out of town, but the added bonuses of 1) not missing the cat; 2) sleeping in your own bed. I love how much there is to do here.

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  1. Wow, that makes me want to go back to Toronto, and I used to live there!